Drunk Blogging

Friends don’t let friends blog drunk. Honestly, give me a couple of glasses of wine and I’m toast. Give me a couple more and I’ll make a toast. Here’s to you, my illustrious readers, for all you do to boost me up when I’m feeling low. Those of you from Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Great Britain, and Ghana, France, Ireland, and the United States, too. Thank you, from the bottom of my glass, er heart. Thank you for bolstering my stats and for influencing my ideas. Muchas gracias, amigos! You are the ones who keep me going even when I might be better off stopping. And my family! Oh how I love it when you comment and share my posts. You are the wings beneath my wind. Don’t stop believing! One day we’ll look back and laugh at all the silliness. I’m laughing now. Friends, thank you for your support. I might be drunk this evening, but tomorrow I’ll be sober and hungover and I’ll still love you all. So, let’s raise a glass and make a toast to those who make the world go ‘round. How about another round? Maybe not. Peace, People!